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Painful O ??? Print Version

Bethann73 09-13-04 10:21 AM

Painful O ???
Wow.. I would swear I ovulated yesterday. Simply because I had such bad cramps and lower back pain and I was only day 18. I have never had such a painful ovulation. I was beginning to worry and then it stopped around 7 pm.

Has anyone had really painful ovulation?? Could it mean something bad?? :huh:

emg92702 09-13-04 11:00 AM

You know, actually, last month, I had really painful ovulation. I was sure that's what it was because it was right on schedule for when I usually O so I wasn't worried, but it really was painful. Then this month, I didn't have any pain at all, so now I'm wondering when I O'd, or if I did, because since starting TTC before Ava I've never had a cycle where I couldn't feel it when I O'd.

Sorry you had such a painful time this month Bethann!

BTW, I'm not TTC right now! ;) Are you guys?!!!

Tamsin 09-13-04 12:35 PM

First of all, I only just realised that you've changed your name! Kinda threw me there for a minute!

I ALWAYS get painful O - some months are more painful than others. I doubt that anything is wrong though, just keep an eye and see how things are next month.

Bethann73 09-13-04 01:58 PM

Thanks girls. :)
Erin ~ We will be TTC again next month. :scared:

Cracker_Jac 09-13-04 03:47 PM

I have noticed painful Ovulations since the birth of Marco. I was almost doubled over last week when ovulation had kicked in. I thought it was gas, but it wasn't. My friend has the same situation happening with her monthly.