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willowsnheaven 09-17-04 12:50 AM

Oh boy, AF is MIA, I think........ She came to visit the 11th of last month.....but I haven't heard from her yet......
do ya think that she's possible just hiding somewhere? ....

Cracker_Jac 09-17-04 11:27 AM

Oh.. it is so hard to say. Do you chart? Are your menstrual cycles regular? It is hard to say at this time, but if you are wanting her away.. I sure am :xfingers: for you!! Do you want me to place you on our stats list?

Bethann73 09-17-04 11:36 AM

:hmmm: Do you want her missing?? ;)

willowsnheaven 09-17-04 12:25 PM

I'd love her to be missing for another 9 months.... I always charted before having Willow, and I was very regular then. I also used a fertility monitor to conceive her.
Yeah I would love to be added to the stats list ....

Cracker_Jac 09-18-04 06:52 AM

I am really sorry to hear about beautiful willow. :hugsad:

I would be happy to place you on the stats. Any chance you know the day of your last cycle?