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ChandyRae 09-22-04 10:49 PM

Another question
I know, I ask too many questions. :rolleyes: I've been having some severe, sharp pains on both sides of my abdomen, where my ovaries are (so I'm assuming they're what's causing the problem). I've never had this before, and it's miserable. When I had the ultrasound on Friday it showed nothing, so I don't think that it's caused by ectopic pregnancy, tissue left inside, or a cyst. Did anyone else have this type of pain after miscarriage? Is it anything to really worry about, or just my body getting back to normal? Thanks!

Valleygirl 09-22-04 10:53 PM

Have you stopped bleeding?

I really can't remember having any pains like you described. I would think it is probably your body getting back to normal, but if you are worried you can always call your doc and ask his/her opinion.

ChandyRae 09-23-04 12:55 PM

Well, the pains got really bad last night. I called the nurse line at my local doctor and she and another nurse were pretty worried so they're having me come in this afternoon. I won't be able to see my regular doctor, but hopefully I'll find out what's wrong. I read that an ectopic pregnancy is sometimes misdiagnosed as an early miscarriage and can't always be seen with a regular ultrasound, so I'm really getting worried now. I'll let you all know what they say.

Oh, and yes, I stopped bleeding a few days ago. I was told the pregnancy was already over by the time I started bleeding, and I went on to have a normal period.

Bethann73 09-23-04 02:55 PM

Good Luck Sweetie. :hug:

~babydoll~ 09-23-04 06:13 PM

The nurses are right to have you come in. In your first post you said that you lost the baby, but how did they determine that? I've had an ectopic and it is not fun at all. I hope everything is OK. :hug: