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Looks like we are starting.. :) Print Version

Bethann73 09-23-04 09:50 AM

Looks like we are starting.. :)
AF is peeking through the window so we are off... :) This is officially Cycle 1 of TTC #2. :D I am so excited.. and scared.

savannah33 09-23-04 09:52 AM


Cracker_Jac 09-23-04 10:16 AM

Okay, Beth!! I am trying not to :cart1: at the idea of how close we are in cycle days, but if we both get pregnant together! :cart2: LOL Eh Gads!! :shamrock: to TTC again!!

Cracker_Jac 09-23-04 10:17 AM

btw, is this CD1?

Bethann73 09-23-04 10:20 AM

well not yet technically.. spot is here so I'm not sure.. AF seems to follow pretty quickly.. I'll give you a definite tomorrow :)

I hope this is a quick journey for you and I both and that we get pg together again. :grin: