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AF is still MIA Print Version

willowsnheaven 09-23-04 11:47 PM

AF is still MIA
Ugh! AF doesn't want to visit me.....and never in my life have I wanted her to come so bad. I took a test.....:bfn: Now I just want to start a new cycle. I would call my GYN but, I have to chose a new doctor (mine leaves the area at the end of the month) and I'm not ready to go doctor hunting yet. I did spot for 2 days but that don't count.....

Bethann73 09-24-04 08:26 AM

How long has it been exactly??? Normal wait is about 4-8 weeks. I hope she comes soon for you. :hug:

willowsnheaven 09-24-04 09:30 PM

I had a normal cycle on the 11th of August. My spotting came on the 10th & 11th of September.

Cracker_Jac 09-25-04 07:37 AM

I hate to be the person with bad news, but I thought I would add my personal experience to this.

I lost my baby in her second tri-mester and it was really rough on my body. It took about 3 months for my body to start acting normal again. Normal meaning full on cycles, etc. Your little one was lost just two months ago, sweetie. It might take a few months for your body to heal. I know you most likely do not want to hear this, but try to be patient.

However, if you think that your health is at risk, please go to the doctor.