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ChandyRae 09-27-04 09:29 PM

Okay, nobody judge me, but we're going to go ahead and ttc this month. I should be ovulating in the next day or two, so... :xfingers: I'm pretty confident that it will be alright, since this is a completely normal cycle for me. I had a natural miscarriage, and the pregnancy was over before we even knew anything was wrong. I had a normal period and I'm ovulating when I should be (I use opk's), but the most important thing is that I'm mentally ready. Is that wrong?? I miss the first baby very much, and of course I'll never forget what happened - but I'm ready to try again. I'm so anxious to have a happy and healthy baby inside me and, eventually, outside. And at the same time, I'm terrified to get pregnant again. What if something goes wrong again? What if I'll never be able to have the baby we want? How would I handle taking care of a real, tiny, dependent little thing like a baby? I don't even know how to put together a diaper genie!! *lol* But one thing at a time, I guess. First make the baby, then the diaper genie. :) Wish me luck ladies, I just may need it!

Sorry this was so long. :rolleyes:

~babydoll~ 09-27-04 10:26 PM

I hope all goes well. :)

Cracker_Jac 09-28-04 07:09 AM


No one will judge you here on TTC! Okay, I might judge you on putting together a Diaper Genie, only because I do not have one! :lol: I started to TTC the month after my first m/c so you are not alone in the desire after a loss.

I wish you a successful, easy and safe journey to TTC.

As far as worries after your little one is born, well, I can say that you will be surprised how Mommy instinct comes in to play. Your eyes will open wide when you find the truth out on how the doctor and nurses help you deliever, hand you the baby and say congratulations, and walk out the door leaving you with this little being.

I will not forget how Marco cried the first time and I rose up from the hospital bed looking for a nurse to tell me what to do! No one came, and I started to panick.. after a few seconds I reached out, picked him up and started to feed him. My point is there is no magic book that will pop down to tell you what to do.. nurses will be very minimal.. that baby is all yours.. and instinct will kick in!

You will be a great Mommy!

Bethann73 09-29-04 09:41 AM

Chandra ~ No judging here. If you are ready.. then you are ready. :) I started ttc again as soon as AF showed up. I hope you are blessed with a healthy pregnancy and baby very soon. :) And good luck with that Diaper Genie.. hated mine.. never worked.. :vm: we ended up tossing it and getting the Neat system. :)

Sheri 09-29-04 09:48 AM

Lots of luck to you Chandra!:bighug: