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Cracker_Jac 10-06-04 08:34 AM

Cold feet?
Okay, I purposely botched up this month of TTC. :scared: There were so many emotional issues involved that I pysched myself out.

Not being examined for a whole year felt so good. I have spent two years being touched, pricked, poked, gawked at and lectured while TTC. The fear of testing once again is sending a big wave of panic my way. :ghug2:

Anyone else feeling like this?

savannah33 10-06-04 08:38 AM

:hugs: I'm hoping this time around it's very easy and uneventful for you Jacqui!

Bethann73 10-06-04 08:43 AM

:hug: Oh honey.. I can totally understand. :) I have my 1st annual since giving birth. I kinda liked the period of time with no Dr. visits etc. But I really want another baby so ... I deal with the not-so-fun stuff. Now... I am probably ovulating this week.... maybe even today.. DH is pulling his 6th grader "I'm not talking to you because you didn't give me sex on Saturday Night" routine. So this month is probably shot... but you never know... makeup sex sometimes works wonders.. :wink: You take your time.. If you are happy , you're allowed to be. :)

savannah33 10-06-04 08:58 AM

Bethann - beat his :moon:

Cracker_Jac 10-06-04 08:59 AM

Thanks girls. I was looking over the stats list, Beth.. I wanted to ask if you if the big O was coming this week.

Shame on your DH! :bad: Leo is the same way when cut off!