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Come visit the Miracles, Angels, Paranormal and More board! Print Version

AmyW 07-10-05 12:59 PM

Come visit the Miracles, Angels, Paranormal and More board!
Do you believe in miracles, angels, angel numbers, psychic phenomena, ufos, reincarnation, big foot, or astral travel? :hmmm: :reye: Do you believe in the paranormal: ghosts, haunted, places, poltergeists, walk-ins, or spirits? :hscratch: :think: Are you interested in dream interpretation or lucid dreaming? How about psychic detectives? :tup1: :eyes:

Well TBC has the place for YOU !!! :hyper: :hello:

Come join one of the fast growing boards on TBC! View our New Age Library and our TV schedule of paranormal programs!! :tup3:

The Miracles, Angels, Paranormal and More board offers you the latest in paranormal news :fyi: , tales of the miraculous, guardian angels, ufos, reincarnation, life after death and more. :wink:

You can participate in weekly polls regarding the paranormal, dreams, cloning, gentics, horoscopes, ufos, and so much more.

Feel welcome to express your ideas, views and opinions. :2cents: Share with us your personal experiences. Read about the experiences of others just like you who have experienced the strange and unexplainable.

View ghosts pics :click: , angel pics, pics of light orbs and see lots of other unexplained phenomena! Submit your own pics as well!!!

WELCOME :welcome: to the
! Come exploring with us! Open your mind to the possibilities !!