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rudolphia 07-14-05 10:23 AM

A-OK to try again
I had my post d&c checkup Tuesday, and the doctor said I can get started as soon as AF comes back. I feel so ready to get going again and have a good feeling that things will go right next time.

I feel a lot better now. It seems like I'm thinking a lot less about m/c during the day but dreaming a lot about losing my baby. Is that weird?

neens 07-14-05 12:56 PM

That's great news! I hope to see you on the due date boards soon.

icepoet 07-14-05 10:17 PM

That's good. I will be starting again also as soon as my next AF arrives.....which I think will be anyday as I'm crampy and moody.

Having dreams post pregnancy/infant loss is completely normal..... the way it was explained to me was it's basically just our brain working through what happened so we can handle it better.

If you need anyone to talk to....I'm here sweetie :hugs:

rudolphia 07-14-05 10:26 PM

Thanks. Valerie, I hope we can hit the same DD board! :xfingers:

icepoet 07-14-05 10:34 PM

Anytime and me too ;)