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MBMBERG 09-11-05 08:40 PM

1 Down......1 To Go
My first round of BCP's is over and one more to go. I can't wait to see if those 2 cysts have shrunk (sp?) in size. I also have an appointment with another endocrinologist on September 28. I can't wait to see if he has any clue why I can't conceive. :xfingers:

rudolphia 09-12-05 08:47 PM

Here's hoping for a quick answer for you!

icepoet 09-14-05 12:33 AM

Hope they can figure out whats going on and be able to fix it quickly!! :)

Tamsin 09-14-05 09:33 AM

Hope this next month pass's quickly and you get some answers Mandi.

:xfingers:, your cysts have shrunk too!

Can't remember if i updated or not, but at a scan 2 weeks ago, they detected a new cyst :( Right back in the same area again :( However it is a lot smaller than the last one and so will be closely monitored to ensure it does not get to the size of the last one - if necessary they will regularly aspirate it, as they don\'t want to keep going in doing futhersurgery that may cause potential damage.

MBMBERG 09-14-05 12:41 PM

Oh no~ I didn\'t know about your scan. I can\'t stand those darn cysts. I\'m glad they are going to monitor it closely.

Have fun on vacation and check in with us as soon as you return.

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