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Baby1forR&J 08-14-06 11:07 PM

:Wave: Hello!
Just wanted to say hi to everyone since I'm new. I was recently married and had the excitement of concieving on my wedding night. Unfortunately a month ago I had a miscarriage while I was working. A few days before it happened a client I work with was upset and really hit me hard in the stomach. I started spotting the next day and completed a few days later. My gyno has given me the go ahead to start up ttc and after a heart to heart we both decided we were ready to try again.

I wish everyone lots of luck and hope none of us have to stay here too long. :>

imagine 08-14-06 11:29 PM

Im so sorry for your loss! That's a horrible thing for someone to do to you. Were the Dr's able to tell you if the hit to the stomach was the cause or not? I hope your doing ok.

rudolphia 09-01-06 05:56 PM

Generally a blow will not cause a miscarriage so early, since the baby is very tiny and protected by your pelvic bone. I still hope you pressed charges - don't see how punching someone works in a business relationship (or any relationship, for that matter).