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Dopey406 09-20-07 05:00 PM

~*~*~*~*Stats List~*~*~*~*
September 20, 2007

:ttc:Cycle Day:ttc:

:shamrock: :shuffle: Days Past Ovulation:shuffle: :shamrock:

:noaf: Getting Ready To Test :noaf:

:lookaroun On Hold :lookaroun
Sarah (DCnanny)
Deanna (Dopey406)

:pg:Our Graduates!:pg:
Melanie (Valley Girl)
Chandra (ChandieRae)
Jacqui (Cracker_Jac)
Sarah (sarehl)
Lee Ann (fsugoddess)

Oreo 09-20-07 08:30 PM

Here's my stats --- Can't wait to start trying in 3 months!!! The countdown in on!!

Dopey406 09-20-07 08:49 PM

That BITES!!! :tantrum:

fsugoddess 09-21-07 05:12 PM

I graduated!!! Xavier Alan was born 7-17-07

Oreo 09-21-07 06:51 PM

Yeah -- it bites for both of us right now!!! But we have eachother!!!