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Dopey406 10-31-07 03:11 PM

Today's beta results
I went to a new lab today--it's actually the lab where all of the blood drawn throughout the area is processed and I got in and out within 10 minutes!! :clap: The place where I usually go takes sometimes an hour or more. :thud: Can you guess where I'm having my blood drawn from now on????? :nod:

Anyway, they didn't run the progesterone today, just the hCG. Monday's hCG was 84. Today's was 236!!!!!!! Woo Hooo!!

This definitely could be a sticky one!! Please, oh please let this baby stick and live!!!!! Come on, Baby, grow!!!!!!!! :xfingers:

Just sharing my joy--I haven't had much of that in the last 12 months and I'm not sure how to react right now......... :nervous:

Janine 10-31-07 03:14 PM

who hoo! Stick little eggie, stick!

**Jennifer** 10-31-07 03:15 PM

Yea yea yea!!! That is awesome Deanna!!!

Pumkin 10-31-07 03:17 PM

Great news!

rudolphia 10-31-07 03:21 PM

Wonderful wonderful news!! I will be thinking my best sticky thoughts for your little bean! Go, baby, go!