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The Beta Patrol has spoken Print Version

Dopey406 11-07-07 03:42 PM

The Beta Patrol has spoken
I went in for my beta draw today after waiting an agonizing 7 days and I just say that I LOVE this new lab--it's the actual lab center where all the blood collected throughout the county is sent for processing but there's never anyone there getting blood drawn so I literally walk right in and sit down in the "big" chair.

Anyway, I called the office (because I'm totally impatient :bag: ) and my beta was 2215 and my progesterone was 17.1. Both of which are good enough and good enough for an ultrasound Friday at 11am!! :hyper: I'm SOOOO excited!!!!

So good news so far, but only time will tell how things are really going.

Please keep those prayers coming and those :xfingers: for my little bean and me. :nworthy:

happe2day 11-07-07 03:45 PM

CONGRATS :clap: thats so exciteing this is a sticky bean for sure YEAHHHHHH :switch: :gbounce: :tup:

savannah33 11-07-07 03:46 PM

Fantastic news Deanna!

Bethann73 11-07-07 03:46 PM

:hyper: Great News!!! :grin:

**Jennifer** 11-07-07 03:46 PM

OMG!!! That is so wonderful!!! How exciting you get to see the bean Friday!!! How far along do you think you are? Congratulations Deanna!!!!