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I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up Print Version

Dopey406 11-14-07 03:35 PM

I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up
Well, I just talked to my OB's office and my hCG was only 7,661. :( It was 2,215 just 7 days ago, so I was hoping for 15,000 or more today. It's a doubling time now of only 93 hours. :mope:

I'm having an ultrasound on Saturday morning but I'm sure it'll just the confirmatory "I don't see a viable pregnancy" ultrasound.


Bethann73 11-14-07 03:37 PM

:hug: I hope you are pleasantly surprised at your u/s. :heart:

Emery 11-14-07 03:38 PM

:bighug: I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :hugs:

happe2day 11-14-07 03:50 PM

:bighug: still :pray:ing for good news for you

**Jennifer** 11-14-07 03:56 PM

I agree with the ladies! I hope there are surprisingly good results at the u/s!!