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eds1999 11-15-07 07:19 AM

Af plan of action
Well we were going to do every other month with the iui. But the month after next puts us in the dr for an iui on CHRISTMAS. no way. i dont' need that crap. so we're doing it again, then not again until next year. i am NOT temping (as much as i like fertility friend). I had an absolute perfect chart that went down the crapper and i dont' want the stress. i can see that my cycle is very normal and timing is working out. so that's my plan.

BTW...i started af this morning and i have a suprise baby shower at work i have to attend (who the heck is up there looking out for me anyways????)

~Kelli~ 11-15-07 07:21 AM


Brendalw 11-15-07 08:03 AM

Lets get it this month! wishing you luck!

Oreo 11-15-07 08:27 AM

I hate work baby showers -- I know that kind of makes me a scrooge, but.... I hope you make it through. While you're there, just remember that you'll get a turn --- HOPEFULLY --- very soon!

BTW -- I know what you mean -- I wonder who's got my back all the time!!! My guardian angels are sleeping on the job, I think.

Dopey406 11-15-07 09:41 AM

:bighug: for everyone!! We could ALL use it!