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Fun while it lasted Print Version

Dopey406 11-17-07 10:48 AM

Fun while it lasted
It was not good news at the ultrasound. The gestational sac measured 5w4d but there was only hint of a yolk sac, and the tech wasn't even sure that's what it was. :(

So the doc suggested two things: Wait and see what the blood results show and do another ultrasound this time next week. OR Wait and see what the blood results show and do a D&C early this week.

We're likely going to opt for the D&C so we can know the gender of the baby and not miscarry at home.

This is the SAME SATURDAY as last year when I found out Sam had died. Curse the Saturday before Thanksgiving. :curse:

So I'll keep you posted as to how things progress--or rather, don't progress. :mope:

Thanks for all your support ladies. One day I hope to have good news to report. :hug:

tammiane 11-17-07 10:52 AM

Deanna, Im so sorry. I just dont know what to say. I hate that this keeps happening to you and I wish I could give you a hug. Please PM me if you need to. :(

Dopey406 11-17-07 10:53 AM

Thanks, Tammy. :hugsad:

Brendalw 11-17-07 11:12 AM

Man thats not the news we where hopping for! I still hopeing for the best! How many weeks and days are you to be?
I wish i knew to what was going on in me. Hugs to you!

Dopey406 11-17-07 11:20 AM

Brenda, I'm sure your little bean is sporting a gorgeous new heartbeat and growing those arm/leg buds as we speak. :nod2:

This is just my new way of living, I guess.