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Not feeling optimistic Print Version

Dopey406 01-26-08 08:47 AM

Not feeling optimistic
I don't anticipate good news from my beta draw today. My HPTs are not getting darker, so I can't imagine my numbers are going up.


Feeling discouraged--but still doing those Heparin shots just in case. :reye:

~Kelli~ 01-26-08 09:29 AM

I was just logging in to check on you!

I understand the need to feel guarded of course.... but really, you never know. According to they don't necessarily have to get darker with a higher beta right?


when will you hear back? have you gone in yet?

TTUAlison 01-26-08 09:30 AM

:bighug: I hope you're happily surprised. When will you know?

MImom23 01-26-08 10:24 AM

:ythat: :bighug:

Dopey406 01-26-08 11:00 AM

I'll know this afternoon. We have birthday party from 1-3 today and hopefully he'll call after we get back. I asked if he'd leave a message and they said he probably would.

It sucks but I think it's going to be news that this is Angel Baby #5. :(