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Dopey406 01-28-08 04:10 PM

Yep, my hCG level came back below 5 today, so I can expect to start bleeding at any time. :( Damn, damn, damn!!! :tantrum:

Janine 01-28-08 04:28 PM

:bighug: I hope you guys are able to get things fixed with DH so that this is the last time for one of these!

tammiane 01-28-08 05:05 PM

:( So sorry, Deanna. I just dont know what to say. :( Maybe you guys could wait until you know whats going on with avoid anymore heartache in the meantime. I hope you get some answers soon.

Dopey406 01-28-08 05:17 PM

Thanks, girls.

We're going to see what Thursday brings from the urologist. If he finds something, DH would likely need surgery to fix it and then it takes a couple of months to regenerate enough swimmers to give it a good shot. So we'll see after that. :xfingers:

SeattleMommy 01-28-08 05:27 PM

I am so sorry, Deanna!! I hope that Thursday's appointment goes well and the problem with DH is minor and is easily fixed so this does not have to happen anymore. As always, you are in my thoughts. :hug: