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I think it's starting Print Version

Dopey406 01-30-08 05:40 PM

I think it's starting
I had some spotting this afternoon. This is probably the beginning of the end. :(

Keep your fingers crossed that the urologist finds a big, throbbing varicocele tomorrow!!! :pray:

rudolphia 01-30-08 05:40 PM

:bighug: Hope there's some surgery in Andy's future! :wink:

happe2day 01-30-08 05:40 PM


~Kelli~ 01-30-08 05:42 PM


tammiane 01-30-08 05:46 PM

Hugs, Deanna.

:xfingers: for a reason for all of this heartache...and that its fixed quick so that you can be holding your next sweet baby in your arms!