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Where are you? Print Version

Dopey406 02-10-08 07:15 PM

Where are you?
Where are you in your cycle? How are you feeling about this month?

It's time for us to get some new grads around here, ladies! Who's next?? :dog:

Oreo 02-10-08 07:33 PM

Well, I'm certainly not in Kansas anymore!!! :lol: Oh, I just crack myself up!!

We would be in the TWW, but we aren't anywhere since there was no action this month -- kind of purposefully. We just got to week two in FPU, and, if Dave weren't puking his lungs out, we'd be building a sustainable budget....

A few months and I hope to be knocked up again!! :)

Dopey406 02-10-08 08:29 PM

I'm pulling for you, you know that!! :nod2:

I look forward to seeing your BFP!!

Oreo 02-10-08 08:45 PM


I'm telling you in just a few months, we can go for it together!! :nod2:

Dopey406 02-10-08 09:22 PM

Well, THAT would make for an interesting night, wouldn't it?? :winker: