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Oh boy... Print Version

Dopey406 02-11-08 05:39 PM

Oh boy...
The doc's office just called to say that Andy's SA results are back. His count was 193 million so that's great. Everything was great until she talked about the percentage that were normally shaped. 4. Yes that's F-O-U-R percent. Only 4 percent of them were normally shaped. :thud:

I called the urologist's office and the next appointment isn't until 2/28 so we'll see him then. I think we're going to ask about having those varicoceles repaired instead of waiting for months to retest. :tdown:

Ugh. Well, at least we have some kind of answer and hopefully he'll follow our lead and do the varicocele repair. :xfingers:

NOW---to convince Andy that it's the right thing to do. :hmmm: He's still a little hesitant. :lol:

Janine 02-11-08 05:54 PM

Yikes! That definitely needs to be fixed!

Valleygirl 02-11-08 05:55 PM

I have a co-worker who had the same problem, had it corrected and his wife was pg with a healthy baby within a few months.
Good Luck!

Dopey406 02-11-08 06:02 PM

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. Melanie--I needed to hear that...thank you!!!!!!! :nworthy:

Oreo 02-11-08 08:28 PM

For all the work mommies have done there with episotomies and c-sections and :witch: I think Andy can do this!!

I sure hope you see his heart is willing even if his balls are shrinking up a bit at the thought!!