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He said YES! Print Version

Dopey406 02-15-08 10:05 AM

He said YES!
We were chit chatting after a little :boink2: and :boink: last night and DH asked me to call the RE to persuade him to convince the urologist to do the varicocele correction.

DH said, "If you promise to do this more often, hell, he can REMOVE a ball for all I care!"

He went to work smiling this morning and I'm smiling, too! :winker:

Janine 02-15-08 10:08 AM

:laughing: You must be very .....persuasive!

rudolphia 02-15-08 10:12 AM

:rotfl: Wow, what a woman you are, Deanna!

koala_kaper 02-15-08 10:20 AM

:laughing: :clap: Yay!!! Hahaha!

the_littleminx 02-15-08 10:20 AM

:lol: You go girl! :lol: