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Dopey406 02-29-08 10:20 PM

Visit with the urologist
Yesterday was our urologist visit. We went in open to his suggestions but really wanting to go ahead with the surgery. He talked about DH's results and said that the surgery very well may help correct the problem but he wants to be SURE that there's nothing else that could be causing the problem.

Andy has been taking an antioxidant/supplement regimen since December so the doc wants to run the SDD and SDFA tests again in a couple of weeks to see if it's helped at all.

IF the results are the same as before, we're going to go ahead with the surgery. If the results are improved, I don't know where we go from here. We told him that IVF with ICSI is not for us so we'll do anything we have to do to get back to our previous fertility. Our two options according to our RE are IVF w/ ICSI or varicocele repair. Since the first option is out of the question, the second is our choice.

SOOOO--we'll see what the SDD and SDFA results show and in the meantime, the doc recommended that Andy get "action" every other day until 3 days before the test, so of course he's happy about THAT prescription. :winker:

More and more waiting---it looks like we'll be trying closer to August/September. :tdown:

BUT--that means that I'll be hopping aboard the TTC Train with Sarah. :hug: Hopefully we'll move on together, Sarah. Wouldn't that be delightful? So dreamy...............................

Oreo 03-01-08 12:14 AM

I gotta little action tonight, that may be it 'till Fall the way Dave and I go. I'd love Andy's prescription -- Dave would fall over and die with the back issues....

I'm looking towards later this spring/summer or now or whenever I can get Dave onboard. He is a bit reluctant to do a baby 3 since he saw the "real numbers"

My neighbor just got pregnant with #4, another friend is pregnant...

Your plan sounds good!!! I so want to go over to DD with you!! :hugs:

rudolphia 03-01-08 05:19 AM

I'm glad Andy got a prescription he can enjoy :lol: Sounds like you have a great plan, even if it means you have to wait several months. You're on your way! :luck:

Valleygirl 03-01-08 10:02 AM

Wow sound like a Rx men dream about! It sounds like you have a good plan, which can really help in feeling more secure about things. I am keeping everything crossed that you will be on your way to the DD boards in the early fall.

Dopey406 03-01-08 10:37 AM

Thanks, ladies. I'm really hoping to be heading there then, too. :xfingers: