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Kind of embarrassed to say this... Print Version

Valleygirl 03-06-08 10:51 PM

Kind of embarrassed to say this...
but I think you ladies will understand.

I am totally jealous, green with envy. My niece, 21, is pregnant. She is going to be coming early next week with her mom for a short visit. Her pregnancy isn't ideal, not married, not a great job, unexpected etc, but I am so jealous that she is having a baby and I am not.

I also had the weirdest out of the blue thing happen yesterday. I was taking DS to the dentist which is near my OB, for some reason I flashed on going there and getting my U/S at the beginning of losing angel #2, seeing the baby and the heartbeat, and then going back a few days later for another u/s and seeing nothing but a big gray mass on the screen, no sign of baby even though I hadn't passed it yet. I started getting all teary in the car, like I am right now. It doesn't help that the witch showed up today either. BIG SIGH!

BnBMommy 03-06-08 10:53 PM

Just wanted to send you a :bighug: Melanie!

Oreo 03-06-08 10:59 PM

Oh, Melanie....

I totally get it. My neighbors are both pregnant. I am green like Kermit the Frog green...

I am prone to cry at certain places or with one certain song popping on the radio.

I hope you are ok. :hugs:
And I hope your baby dreams come true.... :heart:

Dopey406 03-06-08 11:34 PM


You shouldn't be embarrassed to say that at all. I'm also envious of other women who find themselves pregnant "accidentally" when I want nothing more than to have a baby that I can hold in my arms. :(

I'm the same way with songs, places, etc. For whatever reason, my little Sarah has been praying for, mentioning, and asking about "our babies" and wondering when we'll get to see them. She sighs and says, "I wish we could bring our Angel Babies home." At dinner she's been praying for them and that God will keep them safe for us. :cry: Talk about breaking Mommy's heart.

We're all in this together. :ghug: Don't be embarrassed--we've all felt that same feeling.

MImom23 03-07-08 10:40 AM