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Found it in me... (long) Print Version

eds1999 03-12-08 02:45 PM

Found it in me... (long)
Well i think i'll be in the TWW in a matter of a few days. After having the whole adoption convo, we decided that it is WAY too expensive to tackle right now, and we're not altogether sure its for us. Any reservations and I say its not worth getting into. We have no problem paying for our monthy treatments out of pocket and we just found out that all of it is a write off on our taxes (including IVF if that ever comes up...)

I realized that if I wanted to be pregnant, I was going to have to keep at this business. If I do nothing, NOTHING will ever happen (DH azospermia!) and taking a month or two off isn't helping, really. It's just prolonging the wait until the next round of IUI. I just started having the ultrasounds, so i hope that helps the cause!

Speaking of u/s, I had one today and am on pins and needles waiting to see what the dr says. I'm afrait our IUI will land on Palm Sunday! There was nothing going on in my left ovary (there NEVER is...) and I didn't catch the measurements of the follies on the right. I think I saw one that was 2 something (cm). This is all very interesting to me, as today is CD 12 and the last two u/s have shown small follies on that day and i usually went in for a shot or IUI on CD 12 in the past!!!

one more thing. a concern. even though i always seem to ovulate, have symptoms, etc. is it possible that even on clomid my ovary doesn't pop out an egg?? is there a possibility that they never get big enough? what do i do if that's the case and should I get another u/s to make sure? i'm new to the u/s thing, so any thoughts would be helpful!

Whew! see what happens when i don't post in a while...

Dopey406 03-12-08 06:05 PM

Well, I saw your other post about getting your trigger shot and your IUI tomorrow---GOOD LUCK! It's definitely a good sign that you doc thinks you have some good follies so YAY!! :cheer2:

We're behind you all the way, friend. :ghug: