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What is going ON (way tmi alert) Print Version

eds1999 03-30-08 10:12 AM

What is going ON (way tmi alert)
I am just so unsure of what is going on right now. Beware-this is a TMI alert!!!

Friday i had brown gunk. Saturday the brown went from orange to pretty dark red. So that's it right? I used a lite tampon and went on with my business. AF was still very light (and red) mid afternoon and i switched to a regular tampon and went out last night. Well its been about a million years since i went out and i drank last night. I got home last night and nothing but a few measly brown specks on the tampon. This morning-nothing but a few brownish-orangey streaks on the TP. I stopped the progesterone cream Friday night and expected a full flow today. AND to top it off, when i checked my cervix in the shower this morning it was totally mushy and its always pretty firm when AF starts. so i don't know what to think or do. Here i was drinking last night (i think i had 4.5 beers) and now that there is this shadow of a doubt, i horrified that i might have made a big mistake. probably this is nothing but my body giving me a hard time, but man oh man. I dont' know-does alcohol stop your period??? and i have NOT taken a pg test yet because i ordered some online and they are due to arrive tomorrow (Mon) in the mail. i don't know if taking a drug store test mid afternoon today would do any good anyways! So this morning when i woke up sick...hangover or pg? crap. i am almost hoping AF does start so i stop worrying about last night!

Valleygirl 03-30-08 10:27 AM

Try not to worry about last night. Many women have had way more to drink than you before finding out they are pg. I sometimes have a cycle where af will seem to start and then stop just to start again. But there is every chance you are pg. I wouldn't be able to hold out until tommorrow, but I am an obsessive POASer. Good Luck!!

Dopey406 03-30-08 01:16 PM

I've known plenty of women who have had some drinks before finding out they were pregnant. No worries there.

I WILL say that in my personal experience, both of my sucessful pregnancies started out as a mysteriously absent, almost there but not quite, brown-red-brown kind of AF action. :hmmm:

I would head to the Dollar Tree, get a couple of $1 tests and wait for a few hours and see what the tests reveal.

However, if you have patience of steel (I don't :no: ), wait until the tests arrive tomorrow. But I'd head out now. :winker:

Oreo 03-30-08 02:23 PM

Well, I'm with the other ladies about the alcohol --don't borrow trouble worrying about it. Heck, think of our mother's generation where they thought nothing of drinking or smoking their way through a pregnancy.

You must really have nerves of steel. I'd be peeing on everything I could find by now just to find out.

After the dissappointment of last month, I sure hope this roller coaster now has a happier ending. :hugs:

eds1999 03-30-08 06:27 PM

yeah, im not all about the roller coaster events (especially those of last month-thinking i WAS pg and all). so its about 6:30 and i have two FRER tests. i know you're not supposed to use them at night, but i figure one for tonight, one for tomorrow morning and then i'll have something to work with when the dr calls tomorrow! they were already supposed to have ordered my clomid and hcg shot! and i was all ready to place my next donor order! so if im NOT pg, well then something is not right, so i'm guessing i'll sit this cycle out. well now. to pee or not to pee? i dont' have to go right now, so we'll wait on it.