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In TTC limbo~ Print Version

eds1999 03-31-08 02:41 PM

In TTC limbo~
Well the dr might not be able to call me this week, as she is on call at the hospital and doesn't have any office hours. This is the 2nd month of being on a rollercoaster and getting the beta test with negative results (2 x in a row!)

I have things happening to me that have never happened since we started this whole IUI thing back in Dec '06 and I haven't the slightest clue why I'd be changing so much now.

Have any of you had experiences with fluctuating cycles, from short to long, and the absence of any real bleeding? Part of me wishes i'd never called for a beta, but i had to know and this strange business has got me worried!

I'll tell you what path I WON"T be on, is the one wishing my beta was wrong and that my pee tests were wrong. People do that sometimes. I can't do that. I really wish I'd just get a real AF and be on my merry way. And trust me, at this point, i would be merry! This is the first time i've had to cancel a cycle because I didn't have a clue what CD it was!

DH is all for keeping on this fertility treatment road, but we've never had to deal with this kind of major letdown garbage before (2 times in a row no less!). I always just start my period and that's that. I feel bad because he seems to be taking this one really hard and i don't know if he'll be cheery or not on our vacation!

Dopey406 03-31-08 02:52 PM

:bighug: I would HOPE that SOMEONE would get back to you about the beta results. That seems totally unreasonable that you'd not hear anything until next week. :tdown:

I hope you get news and you can enjoy your vacation. I know how frustrating these times can be. :hug:

eds1999 03-31-08 03:00 PM

Oh deanna! If you'd read my last post...the dr's office did call and my test was negative!

Oreo 03-31-08 08:35 PM


I sure hope you can get to your vacation and rest and relax. I am really sorry this is happening to you and DH.