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eds1999 03-31-08 03:44 PM

Going to the RE
Well i know this is like, my 4th post of the day. Its good to get it all out though, when you need to.

I just talked it over with DH and we are going to get a 2nd opinion on my infertility business. We love our OB, but i want to see an RE for a full analysis. We've got a ton in my file from HSG to bloodwork to ultrasounds, and it's be nice to have someone who's a true professional in the field look things over. i dont' know why we waited so long to do it, but im glad we are. if i don't change things up, we're going to get in a major rut.

so i'll be seeing the RE on Monday April 14th-probably no new posts until then!

Dopey406 03-31-08 04:52 PM

Post all you like, girl!!!

I think seeing an RE is a great idea! :nod2: And how wonderful that you got an appointment so soon!! :tup2:

Oreo 03-31-08 08:44 PM

Yup!! I'm all for the RE -- it sounds like the right way to go. I sure hope the RE can get this muddle all figured out and you are knocked up for June!!! :nod2:

eds1999 04-06-08 06:47 PM

ok ok im back. my mom and my MIL are insistent that someone goes with me to my RE appt. DH unfortunately will be out of town on business and we didn't want to wait to get a consultation. should i have someone go with-i mean just to ride down and ride back, not in the room or anything..?? they seem really concerned for me. anyone been to an RE? im sure they'll just ask a lot of questions-they said to expect a 1-1.5 hr appt. I do hope they are thorough!

Oreo 04-06-08 08:32 PM

NO clue -- do they need any of DH's business this time around? I'd call and make sure they are only doing your workup before. I'm not so sure I'd feel the need to bring backup unless they were doing some kind of a procedure. I'd do what makes you most comfortable -- not what they think you need.