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Dopey406 04-05-08 02:21 PM

Follies update
I went this morning for an u/s to check for follicles.

I have five potential good ones--two very promising, two slightly promising, and one probably not promisiing. I had two 17, two 15, and a 14. There was also an 11 but we're not counting that. :lol:

So I'm going back on Monday morning to check on those two 17s to see if they're mature enough to trigger.

Hopefully one of those follies will be screaming in my face by Christmas. :xfingers:

nisey79 04-05-08 02:36 PM

Good Luck!

SeattleMommy 04-05-08 05:38 PM

That sounds promising, Deanna!! Grow follies, grow. I saw your other post about IUI timing and I don't know anything about it, but want to wish you the very best outcome possible..............the wonderful Christmas gift you have been waiting for. :hugs:

Dopey406 04-05-08 05:42 PM

:thanks: ladies. :blush:

tammiane 04-05-08 06:20 PM

Great, Deanna! Sounds perfect!