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avioding them for now... Print Version

eds1999 04-08-08 05:14 PM

avioding them for now...
i know its just not right, but since i blew up over the whole in law thing and found out SIL was pg again, i am totally avoiding everyone. i sent a nice card out to SIL yesterday congratulating her on the new baby. but i totally feel evasive, like i just don't want to talk about anything with anyone-not right now anyways. my MIL has made it very clear that she feels talking about it and talking it out will make things all better. i'd rather just ignore the fact that SIL is pg while i still can. that's horrible i know. thank god BIL and SIL live a bit farther away than MIL.

on another note. i am really glad we're going to the RE. I'm wondering why i didn't go sooner for the 2nd opinion. i had a lot of faith in my ob, that's why. i guess i was just wishing it would work out. i really hope that on Monday the new dr has some new suggestions or some further testing he'd like to do. i'd hate to get the verdict "well keep doing what you're doing and we'll see where it takes us" . i am ready for something new (not IVF yet, but new something!!!) well with 12 IUI's now under our belts....well we'll see what they say!

Dopey406 04-08-08 08:34 PM

:bighug: Erica!

I know what you mean about avoiding everyone. It's hard when things just never go the way we want them to go. :hug:

Also, good luck with the RE! After 12 IUIs, my guess is that an RE will recommend IVF, but hopefully he'll have some kind of plan! :xfingers:

eds1999 04-09-08 09:28 PM

my dr keeps saying she'll almost bet they'll not want to do IVF with me yet, but we'll see what they say

Dopey406 04-09-08 09:29 PM

Really? Why is that? :huh:

eds1999 04-09-08 09:41 PM

you know Deanna, i have NO idea. she's been adament about it for a few months now. i guess since there isn't anything that appears to be wrong with me? i've even contacted other IVF doctors and they've said i'm not a real good candidate? i don't really want to do IVF, but i'm thinking i should look into it?