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another AF mystery-help me solve... Print Version

eds1999 04-09-08 09:34 PM

another AF mystery-help me solve...
this is a first for me. i thought i either missed a period or had a very very light one back on saturday 3/29, which would have been cd 29 (normal for me). yup ok. neg pg test so i went on as if that were cd 29...never had cramps or anything, just a little bit of red for an hour or so.

now-its 4/9 (is it cd 13 or is it cd 43???) i just started what appears to be a normal period (the way it gets started an all) with cramps coming and goin

NEVER in my life have i missed a period or gotten periods at strange intervals. even after the miscarriage the longest i went was 30 something days! i'm going to the RE monday and i'll have to explain all this, i'm sure

but i am nearly certain that it has something to do with the progesterone cream i've been using. i stopped it back on 3/29 and that was my 3 cycle using (the 2nd half of the cycle only) but i have a feeling my body is somehow not getting rid of the progesterone when it's supposed to

can anyone make sense of this???

Dopey406 04-09-08 09:41 PM

It could be the Prolief--but I don't know. :huh: Hopefully the RE will be able to shed the light on all of this stuff. :hug:

Oreo 04-09-08 09:56 PM

I know nothing about progesterone!!! :bighug:

3Princes 04-09-08 10:22 PM

:lurk: Yeah, I've never used the progesterone cream. I only did the supplemental hcg shots.

eds1999 04-10-08 09:11 PM

the stranger this gets the more impatient i am for the dr appt on monday. i just don't get it. its like im getting another period, only it doesn't turn like the regular red color, just brown gunk. tmi sorry but this is just too bizarre for me. thanks for all the moral support. i will definetely post after my visit monday. hope its good news or just new-news. my b-day is wed and that would be a nice present. last year on my b-day i got af and another failed iui so i want this to be a better b-day!!!