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Went to the RE-where to begin? Print Version

eds1999 04-14-08 03:21 PM

Went to the RE-where to begin?
Ok. My appt with the RE at the IVF clinic went pretty well. This is going to be a long one, but i'm practicing getting all the info out before my hubby calls from TN tonight :) I wish he wasn't out of town for this!!

Prior to going today: 12 IUI, 1 ectopic pg, on clomid, HCG, montor u/s, dr saying IVF probably not necessary unless we wanted it...HSG tests twice, all clear.

So i'm thinking-what will they tell me next??

Well, the RE was pretty disgusted with my OB for letting me go so long with IUI and he said straight out-you have tubal issues. It might not be visible, but you had the ectopic and you are very healthy and should be pg by now (especially since i'm only 27). I have no known issues, my tube issue might have been something i was born with.

He said i was a good candidate for IVF. He looked me in the eye and said "we will get you pregnant. you will be pregnant". Now, i know he's running a business, but what dr would say that and not have a pretty good idea that things would work out? he said the mean age of people there is about 33 years old.

now for the #'s. right now the sucess rate for people under 35 is at 70% on the first try. Here's another thing. I qualify to participate in a study that would pay for half of my cost of IVF. The study is to use a vaginal form of progesterone as opposed to the IM shots of progesterone (yay less shots). The success rates currently for people in the study under 35 yrs is 80% on the first try (these are live birth rates too). So i could do this for about $4000 (and another $3000 if my insurance doesn't cover bloodwork, labs, u/s or meds and they have been covering so far). If im not in the study, its $8000.

so basically, i can't go back to IUI, its a waste of my time, really. my dr never gave me a reason why she didn't think IVF would work for me, but at least this route i don't have to worry so much about ectopic!

right now i have three options: do IVF and spend $4000-$8000, adopt and spend $12,000 or not have kids. And i can freeze embryos and if this IVF thing works on the first try, i'll probably have good luck using FET for kids down the road.

The really good thing is i'd be eligible to begin the IVF stuff june-right when school gets out and i have all summer to run back and forth to the clinic. funny thing is, had i taken the appt next week, i would have missed the window to be in this study too...

everything happens for a reason. i think we're going to do it. now all i have to do is convince joe....and he's in Tennessee right now. eeek. well i hope it all goes well. i actually feel hopeful right now. but i'm still mad about the past. clean slate erica, clean the slate.

Dopey406 04-14-08 03:25 PM

Erica, I knew you'd be an IVF candidate! :hyper:

That definitely sounds like a good plan and the success rates are phenomenal!! If you're in the trial, doing it at basically half-price is a double advantage!! :nod2:

Oh, I'm keeping my :xfingers: for you and hoping that you're knocked up by the time the high summer heat hits!! :nod:

:cheer2: YAY for the RE appointment!!!

Erinn 04-14-08 03:29 PM

:lurk: I've read some of your other posts and also thought that 12 IUI was way too much. I'm glad the RE didn't suggest that route.

PG mentioned next.....
I tried for 4 years to get pg unsuccessfully with endo (clomid& letrozole, 6 medicated IUI's, surgery, etc). We finally decided on IVF and got pg on our first try with twins (I was 32). I consider myself extremely blessed and know how hard this path is for you. My RE uses the vaginal progesterone cream as part of his protocol and it is messy but better than giving youself shots everyday.

Best of Luck :xfingers: PM me if you have any questions.

eds1999 04-14-08 03:34 PM

hey! i just wanted to add this note-i just got off the phone with my insurance co-they will cover everything except the procedure, so that's all my bloodwork, labs, ultrasounds and meds. that's $3000 i'm saving. just another reason this is a good idea....yay.

nisey79 04-14-08 03:35 PM

Good Luck Erica! I hope this is the end of the road and you'll have your baby!