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Deanna -- It's 6:52am.... Print Version

Oreo 04-21-08 06:55 AM

Deanna -- It's 6:52am....
Where are you? :huh:

Did you POAS yet??

:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:


Dopey406 04-21-08 07:13 AM

7:10am...BFN. Evap line, but no positive line. I'm thinking this cycle, my 7 follies, DHs 33 million swimmers = bust. :mope:

I'm trying to look at the bright side----I can go in the hot tub with Andy next week during his "surprise" weekend, I can re-whiten my teeth (they need a refresher), we can host Thanksgiving again(I may have delivered around Thanksgiving), and more. It's about the only way I can deal......

~Kelli~ 04-21-08 07:24 AM

Don't give up hope yet-- try again tomorrow......

and there's always a bright side and always next month... this was your first back on Clomid right????

Dopey406 04-21-08 07:24 AM

Oh--and I can take my migraine medication...I had a migraine last night and settled for 3 Tylenol just in case. My medication is a Category C med, so I didn't take it. I won't miss resorting to Tylenol--I should have just had a brownie and ice cream instead. At least the sugar rush might have helped distract me from my head pain. :lol:

Yes, Kelli, this was our first month back on Clomid since December's Clomid Challenge test.

~Kelli~ 04-21-08 07:28 AM

it may take a few mos to get those follies nice and strong!