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Dopey406 04-24-08 01:27 PM

Sitting out this month
I went for my baseline ultrasound today and I have an 18mm cyst on my left ovary and a 20mm cyst on my right. So we're not candidates for IUI this next cycle. We don't know if we'll try on our own or not--that has resulted in 5 losses in a row so it's a little scary. :scary:

At least they didn't put me on birth control to diminish the cysts. Regardless, it's all :tdown:

tammiane 04-24-08 01:46 PM

So did AF actually start for you, Deanna? I'm guessing that it did since you had a baseline u/s. I wonder why you have two large cysts early in your cycle? Did the dr say?

Anyway, Im sending you some big hugs right now. :hugs:

savannah33 04-24-08 01:58 PM


Dopey406 04-24-08 02:02 PM

Thanks. Yes, AF arrived in full force yesterday. So today is technically cd2. The Clomid can cause these cysts to form and using the Clomid when I already have big cysts can cause ovarian twisting and stuff so they avoid stimulating ovaries when there are cysts present. If they were smaller, we'd be okay. But because they're so large, they don't want to risk damaging my ovaries. :snap:

Just another hurdle to jump............ :irked:

Valleygirl 04-24-08 02:39 PM

:bighug: I am sorry. Should the cysts shrink over the course of this cycle?