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Dopey406 04-26-08 09:09 PM

Where are you?
Where are you in your cycle? Are you TTC this month or taking a break? Let's see where everyone stands so we can help the time pass until we hold those beautiful babes in our arms. :ghug:

eds1999 04-27-08 03:11 PM

Deanna! Funny you should ask...just getting ready to post again :) I wish i knew where i was in my cycle!!! I had that weird-0 cycle last month with the scant spotting/bleeding. If i count from that first day i saw red blood, its been 30 days! I spotted for like 2 weeks and I would have expected AF again by now! We can't start the IVF monitoring part until after i start my period! So the wait is on-big time! I'd really like to get this show on the road already. last thing i want is to have to get cycled on provera or something. i feel pretty af-ish, so lets just hope she's getting on her way (funny how now i WANT to get af...sheesh how things change) and by the way, i am still totally freaked about doing IVF, but hopeful that it will be the one to work (especially since dh said once and that's it!)

Dopey406 04-27-08 03:56 PM

Erica, it sounds like you're on your way. I'm keeping my :xfingers: that one IVF is enough to get you that baby!! :nod2:

Oreo 04-27-08 10:15 PM

Where am I ??? I wish I knew!! If you find me wandering aimlessly somewhere, please send me home!! :lol:

seriously -- I'm at a loss. My cycle this month was 42 days long!!! :witch: has just come with a vengeance.

I have an OB appt. Tuesday morning (that they cancelled from Frid.) and I'm not sure they will do an annual exam with AF around :irked: I'd like to find out why my cycle went completely freaking nuts and all....

I guess I'll let you know if I get unlost on Tuesday. Until then, keep an eye out for me in LooneyTown!!!

Dopey406 04-27-08 10:21 PM

:dog: I have my eyes peeled, Sarah. You're welcome to move into my Nut House any time you like, girl! We have a spare room and I'll pad the walls for ya if you want. :lol:

I hope all goes well with your OB on Tuesday. :hug: