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Oreo 04-27-08 10:19 PM

Theme Song
Do you have a life theme song??

I know -- weird question for the TTC after a loss board -- but I just realized my theme song is totally contrary to TTC.

Mine is "I need a lover that won't drive me crazy" by John Cougar Mellancamp.


Just wondering!!! Thought we could talk about someting fun!

Dopey406 04-27-08 10:23 PM

:hmmm: Does "Calgon, take me away" have a song? :rotfl:

I'll have to think on this. I have loads of songs that I love.

How did you arrive at the Mellencamp song being your "theme song"?

tiaonia 04-28-08 01:45 AM

mine has to be Document by Assemblage 23

Dopey406 04-28-08 08:20 PM

I think mine is "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.

Oreo 04-28-08 09:18 PM

I get yours Deanna!!!

I've never heard of Assemblage 23. Where would I hear them?

Deanna, mine came from being the only one to take care of some things at my house, being responsible for 75% of the kids, just wanting a break every once in a while --- and it has one awesome, kicking intro!!! :)