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Dopey406 04-29-08 09:59 AM

Worry warts
My family is a bunch of worry warts. After Charlotte's scary delivery, they all thought we were done having children. When I got pregnant with Sam (our first angel), my family was all worried that something tragic would happen.

Now that we're trying STILL to have that third baby, people still tell me that I should be thankful for my two girls and give up because something might go wrong at delivery again.

My opinion is that if something goes wrong like it did with Charlotte, I'll take it because she's a beautiful, smart, hilarious little girl and I'd be happy to have another one just like her.

Do you have worry warts in your family?

Oreo 04-29-08 10:25 PM

No t worry warts -- just nasty opinionated people who go by the motto "two and through". :mope:


Dopey406 04-29-08 10:27 PM

:barf: I hate that saying. :tdown:

I prefer "Phooey on you!" :razz: