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I need to whine to someone! Print Version

Valleygirl 04-29-08 08:46 PM

I need to whine to someone!
I miss the pregnancy after a loss board!!! :(

My paranoia is starting to set in and there is no board for me to fuss on! :(

Dopey406 04-29-08 09:13 PM

:bighug: You can still count on us! :ghug: I definitely understand your paranoia but just have happy thoughts and we're sending sticky, sticky vibes your way. :nod2:

amitrat 04-29-08 09:49 PM

I look at all the boards, so whine whereever you want! We'll find you!:tup:

Valleygirl 04-29-08 09:58 PM

Thank you ladies!! :ghug:

Oreo 04-29-08 10:21 PM

Hey Melanie!!! :bighug: Whine, worry and fuss all you want!!! I totally get it!! I am wishing you a very sticky bean and lots of morning sickness to back it up! :nod2: