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eds1999 04-30-08 05:18 PM

Should I request Provera?
Call me impatient (you're so impatient!!!) but it's been 33 days since I started my weird, 2 week brown spotting of an AF (ok TMI). I really really really want to be able to start my IVF stuff but can't until I get AF!!!!

Should I wait until, say next week and wait until 42 days or call on Friday when I hit 35 days?

I suppose its possible that my actual CD 1 was somewhere in that 2 weeks of spotting? I had O pains around April 11-13 (totally not cramps and by that time i was done spotting).

i DID however get one spot of brown around what I think was CD 26 and that was it, nothing since then (I was hoping that was the start of AF) Could that have been it??

I can safely rule out pg. So what the heck do I do? I've only just started talking to the IVF RE, and now I already have issues (going in I thought i had fairly reg periods...) They are probably wondering why I haven't called to start monitoring...I just don't want to call and sound like an idiot.

impatience really gets to a girl...

Saira 04-30-08 07:03 PM

I say call on Friday.

Good Luck!

Dopey406 04-30-08 09:17 PM

:ythat: I think you should probably put a call in. Something's funky, that's for sure. Giving your doc a ring might not be a bad idea.

eds1999 05-01-08 05:00 PM

geez. im really going back and forth on this. today im feeling really af-ish. sore bb's and crampy and way bloated. its on the way, probably better wait it out. i was on really long cycles after my miscarriage, so something got out of wack and its taking its time getting back into things. but if nothing by monday, i'll for sure be calling. i want to get a baby on the way here! sheesh!

Dopey406 05-01-08 05:30 PM