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Saira 04-30-08 07:01 PM

I'm cautiously coming out of hiding.

I know I've not posted an update in eons, but for anyone who still remebers me, Our 10th IUI, the last one we were doing before moving on to IVF, where I might add everything went wrong,....... worked.

I'll be 12 wks on friday and am still too scared to think that this might actually be the real thing even though the u/ss have been good so far.

For any of you who have had a successful pg after miscarriage, when did you stop worrying and feel like you could just celebrate the fact you were pregnant without constantly thinking about what might go wrong?

BnBMommy 04-30-08 07:16 PM

:bighug: I am so happy to hear this update Amy, hoping for all the best and wishing you a Happy and Healthy pregnancy!

eds1999 04-30-08 07:29 PM

yay! sometimes when the odds are against you, things turn around and work out! that's the best! and sometimes when it all seems right, you wonder why it didn't work :) see how funny things are??

Valleygirl 04-30-08 07:42 PM

That is such incredible news!!!! Honestly I don't think I ever stopped worrying, but it does ease. The ultra sounds help. You have to make yourself enjoy the pregnancy over and above your worries. So when are you due?

:domesticgoddess: 04-30-08 07:47 PM

Hurray!! :dance: I am SO happy to read this!

Frankly, once I had a m/c, I never experienced pregnancy quite the same. I think you will worry a little until at least the point where you are now. Once you hit 12 weeks, there's little to worry about statistically! Try hard to relax and enjoy!