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Wisher, hoper, pray-er Print Version

Oreo 05-01-08 09:50 PM

Wisher, hoper, pray-er
Are you one of these? which one?'

I am a bit of all of these with a huge dose of worry each month...

I pray, hope, wish...

The what if is a killer....

anybody with me?

tiaonia 05-01-08 10:01 PM

im right here with ya sarah, a huge helping of worry here too. but i doubt there are many of us here that dont worry :ghug2:

Dopey406 05-01-08 10:13 PM

I'm a bit of all of them. First I'm a pray-er. Then I'm a hoper. Then I'm a wisher. :ghug:

eds1999 05-02-08 04:53 PM

all three for me!