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What's your protocol?? Print Version

Oreo 05-07-08 09:11 PM

What's your protocol??
It seems like there are just a few of us here. I was just wondering, what extra stuff are we all doing besides :boink:

For instance, in my quest for a :bfp: I am
1.) taking the horsepill prenatals
2.) temping
3.) praying
** Chlomid may be in my future as well...

Dopey406 05-07-08 09:16 PM

On MY quest for a :bfp: , I am:
1) Also taking the horsepill prenatals (in addition to extra folic acid, just to be sure)
2) On hold for our second IUI because of leftover cysts.
3)Temping--kinda :bag:
4) Praying
5) BDing every other day just to be sure.

tiaonia 05-08-08 10:02 AM

here all i can do for now is
1 praying
2 BD whenever its actually possible

im seeing the doc today to see what else he has to say.

tiaonia 05-10-08 11:21 PM

and now the doc has added clomid to the list. bit nervous about that though