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Oreo 05-10-08 10:43 PM

Do you chart?
Holy Crap!!! (pardon my french :lol: )

Charting and this BBT thing is so much more involved than I thought!! It took me three hours to reactivate my old username on ff and I finally did. My chart looks like jagged lightening... OF course, it's only CD14 and I started on day 4, but I have no prior experience with this.

Things I've already learned --
1.) I have to let my alarm go off on the weekend to temp at the same time daily--- :irked: Then I can go back to sleep.

2.) I'm supposed to temp after waking up from a "solid block of sleep" -- doesn't really give you a chance to wake up to pee much does it!! :irked:

3.) :wow: They tell you the difference between cervical fluid and left over seminal fluid!!! I always wondered about that!!

4.) not all sites are as well designed and working as TBC!!! :)

So, off to bed I go so I can chart, chart, chart!!!

tiaonia 05-10-08 11:19 PM

i used to chart. and i get what you mean about it being so involved! i should start charting again. Best of Luck to you!!!