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Where are we at ladies? Print Version

Oreo 05-13-08 08:38 PM

Where are we at ladies?
Where are we at in the cycle that is??

I am waiting to O and temping daily.... When I get the sign, DH will go on duty and then we wait......

Anyone feeling particularly lucky?

Dopey406 05-14-08 12:05 AM

I think I O'd on Friday-ish last week, so I'm about 4-5 days past ovulation. I'm scheduled for an edoscopy and colonoscopy next Tuesday so they said they planned to run a urine test before the procedure--so maybe I'll get to avoid those two things!! :winker:

Valleygirl 05-14-08 12:16 AM

Oh I hope you two ladies have some great news to post in the next few weeks! I am hoping beyond hope for you both!!

tiaonia 05-14-08 03:31 AM

:nervous: im just kinda sitting on my hands atm. just finished the clomid yesterday, waiting for if/when i O, DH is picking up his meds today to help with the :boink:. thats about it! and a lot of :pray:

Dopey406 05-14-08 10:48 AM