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Ugh! DH!! Print Version

Oreo 05-16-08 10:21 PM

Ugh! DH!!
You can't get pregnant if you don't have sex -- and we are in a dryspell. I told DH his time was coming and nothing!!

He said he wanted another baby, but he isn't putting out!! I do think he's sincere on this. He has been really tired and his back has been acting up. But come on, ten minutes is all I need.... :lol:

What's a girl to do???

Any ideas on this one ladies??

oh-- and he hates to DTD under pressure....

Such a baby!! you'd think he'd cheer to have his wife begging for action!!!

symphony 05-16-08 10:50 PM

Ugh, I completely know what you mean! I told my husband I wish I could go back in time and tell him as a teenager that someday I will have to "talk him into" having sex with me. :reye: :blush: Especially this last month when I was on clomid... I was being my organized self and had things planned perfectly, next thing I know he says I only see him as a sperm bank :eyes:please, you're such a girl. :)

I think they just don't have the same NEED for a baby that we do and therefore the urgency isn't there. I agree though, I never thought I would be in that position, WE are supposed to hold the power in that area right?! :finger::rotfl:

Dopey406 05-17-08 12:32 AM

Andy's like that occasionally. Put on something sexy and let 'er rip! Send him a racy text message toward the end of his work day. That does it each time for Andy. :winker:

tiaonia 05-17-08 12:39 AM

I wish James were like that from time to time, he whines if I'm not in the mood.

Wish I had some advice for you. I think Deanna covered it though.

Oreo 05-17-08 01:42 PM

I get the feeling he thinks I am a bit pushy.... But I'll hit menopause before he hits me up for action!!!

I don't think he knows how to read a text message! :lol: I'm going to have to get very creative!!