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Now on to the waiting... Print Version

Dopey406 06-06-08 01:42 PM

Now on to the waiting...
Andy dropped off his "sample" today at 8:15 and we had our IUI at 10:30am. The post-wash count was 80 million, with 95% motility, so hopefully we'll be celebrating in a couple of weeks!! :xfingers:

So now I move on the to the TWW and all of that dreaded waiting. :tdown:

Wanna join me? :wiggle:

~Kelli~ 06-06-08 01:45 PM

no..... don't want to join you :lol: but I am SO ROOTING for you !

it's time :nod:

Go spermies GO!

tiaonia 06-06-08 10:57 PM

:bighug: wishing ya the best of luck Hon!!

**Jennifer** 06-09-08 08:59 AM

Oooh I hope this is it Deanna!! I agree, it is your turn!!

happe2day 06-09-08 11:58 AM

swim little ones swim!!!