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Dopey406 06-08-08 08:39 AM

What should have been...
I usually try to focus on what IS instead of what SHOULD be...but this weekend we should have been celebrating Sam's first birthday. :( He'd probably be signing lots of words, trying to walk, and loving his big sisters. Instead, we cleaned the house yesterday and I counseled an FPU family for 2.5 hours. NOT what I thought I'd be be doing.

A friend of mine's daughter turned two this week and every time she has a birthday, I think of Sam. Before he died, we'd talked about how fun it would be to celebrate their birthdays together. :mope:

I miss my angels a lot this weekend. :angel::angel::angel::angel::angel:

TTUAlison 06-08-08 04:10 PM


Oreo 06-08-08 11:06 PM

I know what you mean. I saw a baby born right after my due date the other day...

:bighug: :heart:

I hope we get to bring these dreams to fruition soon.

Wish I could change the "could have beens" for us both! BTW-- you'd be living lots closer if I could!! :nod2:

tiaonia 06-09-08 03:37 AM


**Jennifer** 06-09-08 09:00 AM

I'm so sorry for your losses!