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5 times bitten, 6 times shy? Print Version

Dopey406 06-19-08 10:14 AM

5 times bitten, 6 times shy?
So in case you didn't see, we got a BFP on Monday. For anyone has hasn't experienced a loss, this would be a week of big celebration. But for me, it's been a week of mustering hope and lots of prayer. I'm afraid to get excited because the last five times I got excited, my heart was broken.

How would/did you feel? Any suggestions? I SO want to be excited and jumping for joy...but I'm afraid to do it.

**Jennifer** 06-19-08 12:11 PM


Oreo 06-19-08 02:52 PM

I'd feel just like you do!! :scared: and :cheer2:

Next week we will celebrate. :hyper:

For now, take a deep breath and get on your doctors butt to call with the new HCG numbers....


hklord 06-19-08 03:34 PM


Valleygirl 06-19-08 03:40 PM

I am 11 weeks with this one and still afraid to be too excited. I think when you have had your heartbroken it tries to protect itself from it happening again. Just take your time with it and let it come as it can. :bighug: