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I wonder when it will dissipate Print Version

Dopey406 06-27-08 02:19 PM

I wonder when it will dissipate
I mean the worry about this new baby. I keep waiting for the hammer to drop and for it all to end like the last five.

I feel like I should stay away from reading any books, looking anything up online, or even pondering a due date for fear that it'll jinx this new little guy/gal and he/she will end up in Heaven with our last five.

I just wonder when this nagging fear will start to dissipate......... :nervous:

Oreo 06-28-08 11:04 PM

July 9th (as I recall) is your heartbeat appt. You have 10 days of worry left!!! That's all!!

You can get there!!!

After that -- it's all other kinds of worry -- nursery colors, who will take the kids while you are off delivering, will you start puking every 10 minutes---

:bighug: TRUST!!!!

Valleygirl 06-28-08 11:40 PM

:bighug: My heartbeat u/s at 7 weeks helped, the nausea helped, hearing the heartbeat at 10 weeks helped. Step by step day by day as each one passes you will feel better and better about this pregnancy. We are here for you.

Mrs.Emily 07-03-08 10:29 PM

ME TOO! I am so anxious and I am sure that doesn't help anything. Every little twinge in my abdomen makes me cringe and think of all the bad things that COULD happen! Oh I wish that I could sleep through the first few weeks until there was a heartbeat to hear!

symphony 07-04-08 09:51 AM

I agree that seeing the heartbeat helps. Even still I have hit my knees and prayed at every cramp or tug since the day I found out.

I truly admire your strength Deanna. If the Lord only gives us what we can handle, He must think so very highly of you. You and your baby are in our prayers everyday that you will both stay healthy and strong in both body and spirit. :bighug: